YEN THE OFFICE, District Tan Binh

YEN THE OFFICE, District Tan Binh
Yên Thế, Phường 2, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, 베트남
임대 $900 - 사무실
60 m²
$ 15 usd/m²

Detail info

  • 건물명: YEN THE OFFICE, District Tan Binh
  • 전체면적: 60 m²
  • 층수: 1 층
  • 분류: 임대
  • 가격: 900 usd
  • 유지 관리비: 180 usd/m²
  • 보증금: 1,800 usd

YEN THE OFFICE, District Tan Binh
Located on Yen The Street, District Tan Binh. Designed according to modern standards with characteristics of office buildings, full of features and equipment in office buildings such as: – Modern fire protection system standards
– Security 24/7; Common area security camera
– Clean the common area daily
– Lifts, stairs, full exits
– Backup generator
– Lighting system, air conditioning, internet, full telephone line
Information of YEN THE OFFICE:
Structure: basement – 5floors
Floor area: 60m2
Total area: 300m2.
Area for rent: 60m2
Prices and conditions for renting office in YEN THE OFFICE:
Price: 15USD/m2
Management fee: 3USD / m2

VAT: EXcluding 10% VAT
Parking fee: Motorbike: usd / month. Car: USD / month
Contract: 3years
2 – month deposits, payment 1 month.

KOR 078 486 1004 (kakao): 01077509090
(콜) VN 098 116 8256


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